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decline in employee engagement last year alone


of work meetings are actually unproductive and inefficient


of people are never trained on how to run a meeting

Who’s leaving bad meetings behind:

Meeting culture is company culture

So what is yours about? With Bizly you can stop wasting precious time and brainpower by bringing more focus, productivity, and efficiency to every meeting.

Rethink how your company comes together


Pick a playbook to get a ready-made agenda and expert tips on running the show

Guest list

Bring in all your meeting collaborators and keep track of who’s there, all on one screen


Send invites and surveys, take notes, and keep everything together for easy reference


Set up the Zoom, Google doc, and more—your favorite apps work with Bizly


Get real, trackable measurements on employee engagement and business impact


Book any space (or the good conference room) when we’re together again

The meeting success cheat sheet

Actually, it’s an entire platform to help you plan out and coordinate any kind of meeting—from one-on-ones to all-hands to every brainstorm, training, and demo in between.

A few FAQs

What the heck IS Bizly?

Bizly is a meeting-building platform that provides everything you need to plan and run successful, you guessed it, meetings. With Bizly, everybody can share ideas and insights across your company, turning every meeting into an opportunity to transform culture and productivity.

Who is Bizly for?

Bizly is for people who plan and run meetings. That might mean a travel manager or HR admin at your organization. But Bizly is user-friendly enough to turn anyone into a meeting maestro.

Why do I need Bizly?

If you’re reading this, you were around in 2020. (Whew.) Chances are you learned a few things about how you work, and things like meetings got put under intense scrutiny. Bizly helps you understand and activate the true potential of your meetings, to make them better for everybody and your overall business.

Will it fix my Zoom fatigue?

While we can’t promise you’ll spend less time in the grid, we can help you use that time more effectively so that you might actually enjoy being there. Bizly can also help you measure meeting effectiveness so you can decide if you need a meeting after all.

Can Bizly help me plan off-site meetings?

Yes. We’re so glad you asked. Bizly is the ideal platform for travel managers. It’s fully stocked with features to help you coordinate with partners, book venues, and plan effective meetings of all sizes. For more details, check out the Enterprise page.

Be better at meetings.
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