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Bizly is on a quest to make meetings better—for those who run them, attend them, and want them to change permanently. So, everyone.

Make meetings that matter

At Bizly, we believe meetings can be the change your organization wants to be.

Our Kool-Aid

  • Champion the vision
  • Double down on simplicity
  • Embrace diversity of all kinds
  • Be humble, accountable, and eager to improve
  • Celebrate wins 🎉

Somehow technology got better and better, but our meetings stayed exactly the same (even the remote ones). They never evolved. Until Bizly. We saw that meetings needed to change, so we devoted ourselves to designing a better way for people to come together and collaborate. With Bizly, anyone can create impactful, engaging gatherings. And meetings can actually keep up with the times. Finally.

A quick peek at our perks


We believe we can improve meetings for millions, and every day that’s what we do.

Work from anywhere

We’re all-in on the fluid workplace and letting you choose where you work best.

Unlimited PTO

We trust you to make your own OOO schedule and refresh your brain as-needed.

Health and wellness

We offer comprehensive medical, vision, and dental coverage for all our employees.


At Bizly we make sure you can create impact, get rewarded, and get promoted, quickly.

World's best meetings

Hey, what can we say—we know how to bring people together and we love doing it.