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The companywide "meetings hub" for a leading national insurer

Date: March 10, 2022|Place: United States
Insurance meeting

The Employee Hub for Meetings

In 2018, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States was facing significant cost overages and operational challenges with decentralized meetings happening across the company in sales, marketing, and training departments. Adoption of traditional tools was difficult.

Bizly was selected to be the system of record for self-service meetings, serving both onsite and offsite meeting types. The Client was able to win adoption across hundreds of users and meetings, drive savings & efficiency, along with best-in-class NPS.

The client's department head has been a pioneer in travel and meetings management for the past few decades, and has helped guide Bizly's product strategy for the past few years. The Client partnered with the Company to build out the Company's registration, attendee management, and data API integration tools. As a result, Bizly built a fully self-service and design-free registration tool, a streamlined attendee management system, and a seamless integration to DOMO where the client hosts all their data across travel and events.

Bizly has driven significant cost savings to the Client through reduced need for FTE meetings support, reduced technology costs, and improved spend. The Client has a CTD and was able to collect commission on all meetings by using Bizly, which provided cash flows to cover all department and technology costs.

The companywide "meetings hub" for a leading national insurer


Orchestrating meetings in the most remote locations


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